Vince is the second class in the class selection menu and wields a shotgun. His speciality is close range combat where he can make the most of the 3 bullets that fire from his gun. His character model is a black person with a grey shirt and black trousers.

Stats Edit

Class Stats
Health 100
Speed Multiplier 0.98
Model Scale 3.4
Height 17
View Distance 320
Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Shotgun Grenade Launcher
Ammo Capacity 30 5
Damage per Shot 35 (x3) 110
Crit Chance (%) 10 0
Damage per Second 77 (x3) 110

Strategy Edit

  • Stay in close quarters. The bullet spread means that it is harder to do full damage to players that are further away.
  • Overheal. You can be one-shotted by a Hunter so try to get a health pickup before facing one.