The Spray N Pray is the fifth class in the class selection menu. He has the highest health value but also the least damage per shot in the game. Many players refer to this class as the "Spray N Gay" because of the fact that it is hard to counter and you do not necessarily have to be good at the game to play decently with this class. His character model is depicted as a white person that is slightly larger than the other classes and he wears a green shirt and black trousers.

Stats Edit

Class Stats
Health 200*
Speed Multiplier 0.785*
Model Scale 3.45*
Height 17
View Distance 320

*Non-Standard Value

Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Minigun
Ammo Capacity 200
Damage per Shot 6
Crit Chance (%) 5
Damage per Second 75

Strategy Edit

  • Use Health Regen as your Passive Ability. This will maximize your best stat and you'll be able to take out your opponents with endurance.
  • Choose a different class. This class may be fun to use for a little while but it will not help you get better. More advanced players will just avoid you in favor of easier targets and you will not be able to keep up due to the slowness of this class.