The Hunter is the third class in the class selection menu. He has low health and a low rate of fire but his sniper rifle bullets are very powerful, likely killing his enemies in 1 shot. His character model is a white man wearing a brown shirt and brown trousers.

Stats Edit

Class Specific Trait Edit

The Hunter's trait is Armor Penetration, meaning it will do full damage to any player, regardless of their armor points.

Character Stats
Health 60*
Speed Multiplier 0.98
Model Scale 3.4
Height 17
View Distance 320

*Non-Standard Value

Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Sniper Rifle Pistol
Ammo Capacity 15 100
Damage per Shot 100 20
Crit Chance (%) 5 10
Damage per Second 100 100

Strategy Edit

  • Make the first shot count. If you miss, you will probably die since the Hunter's reload is the worst in the game and they'll have plenty of time to react.
  • Focus low-health enemies. You'll be guaranteed to 1-hit them. Avoid classes with higher than 100 maximum health (e.g. Spray N Pray and Mr Ops) and enemies who have just picked up a health pickup.