FANDOM can be played in two ways: as a guest, or by creating an account. A guest has access to all of the main features of the game: they can choose any class they want, select any of the five Passive Abilities, and even host custom games. They can even choose to enter a name that'll stay on during their session. If they do not, they'll automatically be named UNKNOWN.

However, certain features of the game only become available after the player makes an account.

Kill/Death Ratio (K/D) Edit

Once the player makes an account, the game will be able to start tracking their kill to death ratio, or K/D. Like in many other such games, it is a simple ratio of the kills you scored compared to the deaths you suffered since making the account. K/D above 1 is when you have more kills than deaths, which is considered the basic mark of a decent player.

Having high K/D is obviously a mark of skill, and something players like to brag about. Many clans also only allow players whose K/D is above a certain threshold to join them.

Ranks Edit

A simple numerical way to indicate how often, and how intensely, the player behind the profile actually played the game. As the players with accounts earn in-game points through killing enemies, they'll begin to rank up. The player's rank is displayed both on their profile, and to the left of their name in-game, right above their healthbar.

Clans Edit

Players with accounts can apply to join clans, or even create them themselves.

Earning Kredit Edit

Players with accounts will be rewarded for earning many points during the matches by gaining Kredit (KR) at the end of the round. This kredit can then be spent in the store, on the packs of camos, which can be applied to your weapons. There's either the standard supply, which costs 10 Kredit, or an Elite supply, which costs 30 Kredit, and provides rarer camos. Each camo type comes in separate varieties for all of the weapons in the game, which have to be bought separately.

Camos list Edit

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Name Image Type